Don's Guide Rods XD Tactical 9mm/40cal or 45cal

This is the Solid Stainless Steel Guide Rod for your XD 5" Tactical Model. They replace the hollow factory guide rods and add weight to the muzzle of the pistol to help with felt recoil. They also give your pistol that finished custom look. They work with the factory springs or after market springs specific to the model of your pistol.

**This model fits all calibers of the XD 5" Tactical Pistol EXCEPT the NEW XD Mod2 Tactical 9mm**

**All Springfield XD/XDM pistols with less than a 4.5" barrel do not have one piece guide rods or recoil springs and will not accept these one piece Guide Rods**


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Don's Guide Rods XD Tactical 9mm/40cal or 45cal
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